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At our headquarters in Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, we offer a full range of coal, oil, gas, oil tanks and much much more at competitive prices.
Coal and logs

Cosy flame 25kg 

Red flame (smokeless) 25kg          

Black emerald Doubles 25kg        

Black emerald top quality 25kg    

Household coal 20kg                     

Slack 20kg                            

Special coal Briquetts 25kg           

Peat Briquetts 25kg                       


Fire Lighters                           














Oil Tanks and Fuel Stores


We keep a large quanity of oil tanks in stock, ranging from 600 litres to 10,000 litres. They are available single skinned or bunded.

Coal and Log bunkers are available in three sizes; 150kg, 300kg, 600kg.


We also stock fuel stations, which come in two sizes 220litres and 430 litres.

Both come with a 12volt pump and a 4 metre hose with nozzle.



Lubricants and Ad-Blue
We are now stocking Norlube Lubricants and Ad-Blue
We stock;
Hydraulic oil 32 and 36.
Multifleet 15w/40
Universal oil
Hy-Tran T2000
And many more  



Pump Sales


Our forecourt pumps offer the cheapest prices locally for Gas Oil (red diesel), Kero (Heating oil), and Derv (White diesel).

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