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Apollo Ultrasonic kit


Apollo ultrasonic is the original oil tank gauge and includes a tank mounted transmitter and plug in receiver unit.

The transmitter monitors the level of fuel inside your tank and sends the data through a secure wireless connection to the receiver unit.
The receiver unit plugs into a standard three pin socket and displays the level of fuel inside the tank on an easy to read LCD display, reducing the risk of you running out of oil.  



  • One size fits all. The Apollo Ultrasonic Kit is suitable for almost any tank up to 3 meters tall, irrespective of manufacturer, capacity or material of construction

  • Quick and easy to fit, with no specialist tools or wiring required

  • Easy to use and easy to read results on the plug in LCD display

  • On-screen, visual low level warning alert along with audible low level alarm alert option too

  • Twelve months manufactures warranty

  • 200m FM range

  • Suitable for DIY install

  • Long Life lithium battery

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