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Jennings Fuels now stocks top quality VDA certified AdBlue.


Delivery can be arranged throughout Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. 


AdBlue can be purchased in 1000 litre IBC Cubes, 205 litre plastic barrels and 20 litre plastic drums.


We also stock a complete range of AdBlue dispensing equipment for more information contact us  

AdBlue Hose kit 

What is AdBlue ?

Adblue is a vehicle operating fluid for new engine technology. It is based on a high purity urea solution, therefore it is not a fuel nor is it mixed with fuel. If you have a machine/vehicle that requires AdBlue you will need to dispense this product into a separate tank which will be located on the vehicle, identified by its blue cap. 

Why do i need Adblue?

Over the past 15 years exhaust emission limits have been lowered to help reduce the amount of harmful toxic gas that is released into the atmosphere. 

How does it work?

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is now fitted in most new machinery and vehicles. These vehicles require a re-agent known as AdBlue to be sprayed into the exhaust system. 

AdBlue is used to create a chemicle reaction in the catalyst so that NOx gassed are converted to harmless steam and nitrogen, which are emitted from the exaust pipe. 

How should i store AdBlue?

If possible AdBlue should be stored indoors, between 0-30°c, out of direct sunlight and properly sealed when not being used. 

How do i know if i need AdBlue?

When you buy a vehicle your dealer will inform you at the time of purchase that you will require AdBlue. 

Your vehicle will have

> A digital gauge displaying how much AdBlue you currently have.

> A plastic AdBlue tank, smaller than the fuel tank, it will have a blue cap for easy identification.

How much AdBlue will i need?


You will not need to fill your AdBlue tank every time you fill with diesel. Typical AdBlue to fuel usage is between 4%-6% depending on vehicle type, work being completed and miles per gallon. 

Will it cost more to run my vehicle?

AdBlue reduces fuel consumption by as much as 7% in some vehicles. 

What happens if i run out of AdBlue ?

If you run out of AdBlue your vehicle may enter a safe crawler mode to prevent damage. 

If this happens you should head immediately to an AdBlue supplier. 

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